Christian Marijuana Organization

Christian Marijuana Organization

Just Say No! (To Taxation)

As Bible Christians we claim certain rights. One of these rights is to practice our religious beliefs, as we wish. We do not need the approval of any man, or government.

We have the right to grow and use marijuana.

Now that many states have bankrupted their treasuries, they are looking to burdon the general public, through more taxation. The fact that they say they will use the money for good purposes is a blatant lie. There is no reason to believe they will suddenly become financially responsible. They will continue to use their states treasury, to finance projects for the rich and evil. There is no reason they should profit from something that God gave to man to use, when they do none of the real work involved. They have made this a nation of people who make nothing of real value to sustain life. Taxation is a form of extortion, when used with threats of imprisonment or financial indebtedness. Taxation without a guarantee, that the money will ONLY be used for a specific purpose, leads to corruption. The government has run this country into the ground with their money schemes.

America should be free, Marijuana should be free.

If your state says it will legalize marijuana with taxation, JUST SAY NO!

No taxation for growing for personal use.

Please download and share this banner: JUST SAY NO!

Bumper sticker: Available soon!

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