Christian Marijuana Organization

Christian Marijuana Organization

Overgrow The Government!

The “Overgrow The Government” movement started about 10 years ago. The time has come to expand this concept. Many states are near bankruptcy, trying to enforce the “government of the rich” prohibition against marijuana, but still resisting the will of the people. Now is the time for all good people to come to the aid of OUR country. People could grow so much marijuana, that the “War On Drugs” would collapse financially. Much like what the US did to Russia. Taxpayers, even non-smokers, have already begun to see the uselessness, and unnecessary burdon of marijuana prohibition. Everyone should start growing marijuana for their own personal use. Stop giving your minimum wage money to Narco-terrorist and the "American Drug Cartel". And if everyone grew massive amounts, it would undermine the price and tax incentive, that the states are eyeing to supplement their state treasuries. Treasuries that they have bankrupted because of malfeasance and financial irresponsibility.

America should be free, Marijuana should be free.

If your state says it will legalize marijuana with taxation, JUST SAY NO!

No taxation for growing for personal use.

Please download and share this banner: Overgrow The Government!

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